Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Writing Prove It: Workshop 30

L.I Can I use speech marks?

One day Mum shouted at me "You need to get fit to do your cross country!" "OK, OK I will just give me some time." I yelled. So I walked out the front door and walked to the gym which is 7km from my house. 1 hour later I arrived at the gym. "Hey!" Said the manager. "Hi." I said. I put my backpack on the back shelf and headed straight for the treadmill. Just as I hopped on the treadmill Jake walked in the door. "Did you just walk all the way from your house 20km away from here?" I asked.  Jake nodded, my jaw dropped... I was shocked.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Writing Prove It: Workshop 27

L.I: Can I add interest to my writing by using similes and metaphors?

I was walking down the biggest road in the world and there was a small red house. It was the only house on the road. The house was as red as a rose. The chimney was a blueberry.  It's small garden round the back of the cottage was as small and an ant. The lady who lived there had a heart of gold. She was a small old lady. She always told me stories about the war and how there used to be a town and now it was abandoned apart from the old lady's house.

Magic Play Dough

In class we had magic play dough (not really). We squeezed it until it changed colour. We wrote a poem about it. Here is mine.

I gave the play dough a squeeze,
Be gentle please.

If it changes colour green or blue,
If I’m lucky it might come true.

I couldn’t believe my eyes,
The colour changed, I was so surprised.

I wished and wished,
Till everything vanished.

I was confused I don’t know how,
Then I thought What do I do now?

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Contract: All About Plants

             All About Plants
        Need               Have              Give
        Water             Leaves          Oxygen
Air                   Roots             Food
Light                Stem             Paper
Warmth           Seeds          Vitamins
Soil                 Flowers          Wood
Temperature    Pollen          Glucose
Time               Stamen         Medicine
Space             Stigma            Pollen
Nutrients           Pistil              Cloth

CO2                Trunks

In class we have been doing contract. For contract I did All About Plants. You have to list what they need, give and have. Here is mine.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Popplet: Tramping Story

In class, we have been creating an inquiry popplet where we went on a hike in the bush. Your friend tries to get an amazing photo of the lake but slips of the rock he's on and hurts his leg. So I put together a popplet about what I could use to help. Here is my popplet.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cooking At Rutherford

For the last three weeks we have been going to Rutherford Junior High for technology. My technology group is cooking, We have been cooking with potatoes. The first week we learnt how to boil and mash potatoes. Our cooker was so good that we had to simmer on a lower setting than everyone else. Ricky ended up nearly being sick after eating Marshall B's mashed potato because he put 4 TABLESPOONS OF SALT IN!!! The next week we made Potato Bake. We ended up baking it on a different element which worked better. Once again James and Miller PUT 3 TABLESPOONS OF SALT IN and nearly killed Ricky again.  He loves to eat everyone's left overs!!   On the last cooking session we made Gnocchi. Making the potato dough was hard and mashing the potatoes so they were smooth.  I learnt how to peel potatoes Here are all of the recipes

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Workshop 24 Prove it

L.I Can I use detailed writing?

I was walking home when this great giant rottweiler came running out and started chasing me as fast as possible down the road. My heart was racing, I thought I was going to be the dogs dinner. I was extremely scared. It chased me through alleys and it chased me through forests. It had been hours of running around town. I was puffed but I still had to run. I finally found a ladder and climbed up it. I thought I was safe until the dog transformed into a human form and up the ladder and onto the roof with me. I ran and jumped off the roof onto the grass. I ran and ran. I knew I wouldn't be able to run away from this dog so I gave up. All it wanted was a scratch on the back and some treats. I was knackered and relieved.