Monday, 25 September 2017

Reading Activity T3W8

In class we have been making a Canva about Quina Quina for our reading activity. We read a book about Quina Quina and how it saved a guys life. Here is my Canva.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Class Trip: Ashurst Herb Farm

We pulled up to the Herb Farm after a very bumpy road that I nearly threw up. We took a little stroll to the little hut while we waited. We walked into the Herb Farm and learned about some plants from Jess. After we made some organic cream which could heal pretty much anything. We put some oil and some lavender oil in for the smell. The base was plain white. Then it was time to colour it. We had 3 choices. Peach, Pink or Lemon. I chose peach which I needed 2 drops of carrot oil and 4 drops of Alkenet Oil but I doubled the recipe for more colour. Finally we went on the little bush walk they have, hopped in the vans and drove off to the Esplanade.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Inquiry: Parts Of A Plant

in class we have been learning about plants for inquiry. We made a glogster about the parts of the plant. Here is mine.

Writing Prove It: Workshop 43

L.I: Can I use a variety of words to link events?

Today is the day, we are going to the Museum. "Get your bags and rārangitia kia mūri!". We jumped on the bus and a load of kids started singing "Banana Bus". We arrived at the Museum and Margie had a long chat with us about Tāpa. After the chat we etched into polystyrene and covered it with ink. Finally we used the press and put the ink on paper. The pattern we etched came out the colour of the paper.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Writing Prove It: Workshop 30

L.I Can I use speech marks?

One day Mum shouted at me "You need to get fit to do your cross country!" "OK, OK I will just give me some time." I yelled. So I walked out the front door and walked to the gym which is 7km from my house. 1 hour later I arrived at the gym. "Hey!" Said the manager. "Hi." I said. I put my backpack on the back shelf and headed straight for the treadmill. Just as I hopped on the treadmill Jake walked in the door. "Did you just walk all the way from your house 20km away from here?" I asked.  Jake nodded, my jaw dropped... I was shocked.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Writing Prove It: Workshop 27

L.I: Can I add interest to my writing by using similes and metaphors?

I was walking down the biggest road in the world and there was a small red house. It was the only house on the road. The house was as red as a rose. The chimney was a blueberry.  It's small garden round the back of the cottage was as small and an ant. The lady who lived there had a heart of gold. She was a small old lady. She always told me stories about the war and how there used to be a town and now it was abandoned apart from the old lady's house.